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“I’ve got one resident who wouldn’t join in anything when she came here.  She was lonely and depressed.  I got her to try the golf and she loves it and is really coming out of herself and mixing now.”
Sheltered Housing Manager, Bishop’s Court

“It helps me engage with my neighbours. Having autism this can sometimes prove difficult for me. Rookie Golf has helped me build my confidence and get active as well”

“Instead of sitting in their flats it has brought them together to play rookie golf and they are becoming more independent. They’re having fun and at the same time their physical and emotional health is improving” 
Relative of resident at Etal House Ashington

“You know, the biggest problem for us older people is depression. Sometimes we can feel so isolated and bored, but the golf programme is making such a difference to all of us that are taking part. 

not just the hour or two when we are having our coaching sessions and playing the matches you know.  We’re all making an effort with our appearance because we’ve got to stand up in front of everyone when it’s our turn. 

It’s given us a reason to care and get dressed up, so we’re thinking when we get up about what we’re going to wear because it’s a golf day.  Then, when we’re playing we have so much fun, we have a good laugh.  Then next day, at breakfast we’re all discussing our scores of the previous evening, and when we’ve won a match – oh, well then there’s no stopping us.  We’re all talking about it for days.  It’s made a big, big difference.” 

Barbara, resident Affinity Sutton sheltered housing

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